Pro Mount School of Taxidermy’s primary purpose is to train the student to become proficient and skilled in the art of taxidermy. The curriculum and method of instruction is custom tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of the individual student. You can be assured of the full attention of the instructor to insure a complete and individualized course of instruction designed specifically to the students needs. The school has only one major objective to provide each student a method of instruction and skill development that will insure success.


All courses are taught individually and are complete and up to date as to subject matter and techniques. Each student learns at his or hers own pace in a very positive and comfortable learning environment. Completion of a Pro Mount course of instruction will result in PROFESSIONAL TRAINING FOR PROFESSIONAL RESULTS.


Pro Mount School of Taxidermy provides Training in association with:


  • State of Montana Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies
  • State of Washington Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies
  • State of Wyoming Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies


Contact us for a student catalog containing complete details as to course descriptions, policies and procedures, supply costs and much more. Simply e-mail a request for the student catalog. Feel free to phone if you have any questions.