The student will receive instruction in a facility designed to maximize the learning experience. The facility is well lighted and spacious to insure the maximum opportunity for use of equipment and tools. The facility includes a lounge, and kitchenette with microwave, refrigerator, water cooler and eating utensils. All of which are provided as a courtesy to the student. The student will find a comfortable facility to help insure a proper and optimal learning environment. The facility is handicapped accessible with a handicapped accessible rest room. This is a non-smoking facility.


The school is located an easy and short drive to a super Wal-Mart, fast food restaurants, motels, banks, post office, Walgreens drug store and shopping.



Show Room Lounge


Student Class Areas

Paint Booth

Student Work Area

Habitat Area

Processing Area

Mounting Area

Work Area - Fish

Work Area

Individual Student Personal Areas

Individual Student Personal Areas