Dan Kenney


After graduating from college and working for thirteen years as a professional with the Boy Scouts of America, Dan Kenney embarked on a career as a full-time self-employed taxidermist.  Starting in 1982 in Lewistown, Montana he built a successful taxidermy business, which continues today as Dan Kenney Taxidermy and Pro Mount School of Taxidermy in Billings, Montana.


Basically self-trained, Mr. Kenney developed his taxidermy skills through hard work, perseverance and continuing education course work with other highly regarded professional taxidermists. 28 years as a full-time professional taxidermist, seminars and special courses provided a vast source of knowledge and experience in almost all areas of taxidermy.


Through professional scouting Mr. Kenney received extensive training in teaching, motivation, time management, goals and goals setting, long range planning, marketing, communications and many other areas that are fundamental in running a successful business.


Pro Mount School of Taxidermy is the result of this extensive training and experience.  The unique combination of these experiences is the foundation of the curriculum of the school.  As an experienced teacher, taxidermist and business man Mr. Kenney recognizes the importance of establishing a solid foundation and understanding basic principles as the keys to insure success.  Personal attention to detail, proper skill development and a sincere desire to see the student succeed are fundamental to the teaching methods of Mr. Kenney.  Pro Mount offers a unique one on one learning experience designed to provide the student professional training for professional results.


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Steve "Tiny" Holbrook


Tiny is an army veteran who used his military benefits to attend Pro-Mount. He received complete taxidermy training in Game Head, Mammal/General, Bird, Fish and Business Taxidermy. He has dedicated well over three years of intensive training to develop his skills in all areas of Taxidermy. After completing 3 years of instruction at Pro-Mount he opened Tiny’s Taxidermy and is a full-time professional taxidermist. For the past, several years he has served as a student instructor and has advanced to the position of a full-time taxidermy instructor at Pro-Mount. Tiny is a professionally trained taxidermy instructor and brings a strong dedication and experience to ensure student success. His dedication, understanding, patience, and genuine concern for the student’s welfare is the foundation of his teaching career. His experience in starting his own business and developing his taxidermy skill are invaluable assists to be shared with Pro-Mount students daily.